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Rhonda Baylor, Ph.D.

Research Analyst, has 15 years of experience in analyzing data and conducting statistical work in education. Her skills include using SAS, SPSS, NVivo, and other data analytical software tools. In addition, Dr. Baylor has expertise in data collection, program evaluation, and survey research design. Also, Dr. Baylor has managed various research projects serving as a task leader, thereby leading the direction of high-stakes education research efforts. Dr. Baylor has also taught at a number of higher education institutions, therefore, she engages in translational education research by combining research with practice. She has served as a lead writer, as well as a co-technical writer for nearly $8 million in education research contracts and awards. She has presented at a number of conferences including the American Association of Public Opinion Research. In addition, Dr. Baylor has a number of research publications in various journals and texts.

Dr. Baylor received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Howard University in Washington, District of Columbia. Also, she received a B.S. of Business Administration from Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. Lastly, Dr. Baylor is a member of the Association of Blacks in Higher Education and the Association of Black Psychologists.