Herbert Thompson, Ph.D.

President of KEN Consulting, Inc. has over 33 years of Statistics, Statistical/Data analysis, application development, program management, SAS and SPSS programming skills. Dr. Thompson has provided innovative statistical analysis, SAS programming, business intelligence services and survey data analysis, to various public and private industries including, CMS (Medicare and Medicaid), Pharmaceutical clinical studies, the U.S Bureau of the Census, Banks and other large and small private companies.

As a strategic thinker, Dr. Thompson has developed and documented many statistical algorithms which used advanced methodologies to conduct robust quantitative and qualitative analytics in support of client’s mission critical objectives. Dr. Thompson has developed many flexible custom applications which are backends to front end “point and click” functionality. Many of his applications have an effortless “look and feel” that enable users to intuitively and seamlessly navigate through the application without advance training. His applications have the ability to assess, calculate and create ad hoc or customized reports on the fly. Dr. Thompson is experienced in implementing and integrating custom applications into existing enterprise system and have the system operates without problems. He understands the nuances and intricacies in integrating an application on an enterprise basis. He is immensely experienced with relational database programming and in using custom application to manipulate large databases and documenting every step of the algorithms and processes.

Dr. Thompson has successfully managed many projects from conception to post implementation. As a program/project manager, he has the ability to design, collect and put mathematics to scientific use in the form of data comparison, analysis, interpretation and presentation for general public use. In addition, he has proven ability in research and development. He has great ability in using logic and reasoning to identify the strength and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems. Dr. Thompson has vast working knowledge of major statistical technique including decision tree, software packages and the ability to design, identify and execute quality data analytics using relevant tools appropriate techniques and in the interpretation of the statistical results.